Pre sales assistance
BUT offers to its customers assistance and advisory services at each phase of the asset life cycle, from bearing design and selection to technical recommendations for equipment already in operation.

Bearing design

In order to optimize bearing performance, BUT makes extensive use of proprietary and commercial software systems, which strictly comply with the relevant international standards. Along with classic 2D drafting and 3D modeling tools for mechanical engineering, BUT can also count on a set of specifically developed evolutionary algorithms for mono- and multi-objective optimal design of bearing macro-geometry in order to maximize bearing life.

Finally, finite element (FEM) and semi-analytical (SAM) methods are selectively used to refine design solutions through advanced simulations.

Co-engineering activities

Whether it is a greenfield project or an existing application, BUT’s technical department can be actively involved to co-engineer and co-design with the customer’s technical office. Joint activities mainly base on the chance of creating synergies between different domains of knowledge and expertise. In case of new applications, BUT can offer technical advice regarding:

  • selection of bearing type, size, arrangement, fit with conjugate parts, internal clearance or preload, seals, and lubricant
  • calculation of actual bearing loads, residual internal clearance or preload after mounting and in operation, bearing starting and operating torque, operating temperature, etc.

For machinery already in operation, BUT can provide value-added recommendations for:

  • lubrication system and lubricants, in order to favor elastohydrodynamic conditions and decrease overall operating temperature
  • regreasing intervals and grease amount to be used
  • bearing handling and maintenance

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