After a century of transformation, BUT bearings have provided high-quality roller bearings for various industrial customer groups. We continue to develop, design, and manufacture sturdy bearings that serve as the cornerstone of the British industrial economy. The UK has undergone significant changes in the past 100 years, and BUT bearings have proven to be able to adapt to these changes. As steel has been one of our main customers since 1911, the industry has transformed into thin plate continuous casting machines and faster rolling mills, and BUT bearings use more precise bearings to cope with more precise steel products and longer service life. As mining became more open-pit, BUT bearings introduced a new generation of bearings that could provide longer lifespan equipment, and bearing replacement was a very complex process. BUT bearings have made significant contributions to the development of heavy industry and are committed to continuing. This century long tradition of excellence will become the direction of future development. BUT Bearing Company promises to "do better every day", designing, developing, and manufacturing better bearings for the 21st century market.


  • Since 1911

    In 1911, a group of British investors founded Bearings Universal Tech, located in West Midland, Birmingham, UK.

  • 1920-1930

    In 1925, Bearings Universal Tech became a major supplier of bearings in the British industrial sector, mainly supplying oil drilling equipment manufacturers, producing journal bearings and mud pumps for wire drawing engineering, and providing specialty mill heavy-duty bearings for steel mill equipment manufacturers.

  • 1940-1950

    In 1945, Adelaide Soiiop passed away in Birmingham at the age of 57. AillcasG Soiiop has accepted excessive management of Bearings Universal Tech.

  • 1960-1970

    In 1960, Aillcas G. Soiiop completed the acquisition of other investors. The Birmingham factory has more than doubled in size, including engineering departments, sales offices, and manufacturing space.

  • 1980-1990

    In 1980, BUT bearings purchased new land in Holmwood, Birmingham to build a manufacturing factory and relocated the original 4317 S Shades Crest Rd to a new factory.

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